Best Student Paper Award 2016

At the Dies Adademicus on March 18 2016, Dr. Lukas Moschen, former PhD student and Research Associate at the Unit of Applied Mechanics, was awarded a Best Student Paper Award for outstanding achievements as junior researcher at the University of Innsbruck. He was awarded the prize for the paper on “Vertical acceleration demands on column lines of steel moment-resisting frames“ published in „Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics“. In this publication Dr. Moschen shows that the vertical floor acceleration demands might in general exceed the peak vertical ground acceleration significantly at and very close to column lines of perimeter steel moment-resisting frames. Because the spatial distribution of vertical floor acceleration amplification is not explicitly accounted for in current design provisions, in many cases, the vertical component design forces for supports and attachments may be underpredicted. This underprediction may lead to considerable damage of non-structural components even in moderate seismic events, although the load-bearing structure remains intact.



 Bild: Universität Innsbruck




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