30.11.-02.12.2021 | International digital Conference

Empires through the Ages: Short-term Empires – Rule or Exception?

Organisation: Robert Rollinger (Innsbruck/Wrocław), Hilmar Klinkott (Kiel), Kai Ruffing (Kassel), and Wolfgang Blösel (Duisburg-Essen)

Contact: Florian Posselt 

  ONLINE via BigBlueButton, https://webconference.uibk.ac.at/b/flo-7nr-qfs-zth 

  Programme for downloading [234 KB]

  Tue, Nov 30 | 15:00 | Opening and Welcome Address
  Thu, Dec 2 | 18:45 | End of Conference

  Please mind the unfortunate cancellation of Michael Zeuske (Thu, Dec 2, 09:00-09:45)!!


  The Symposium is held within the framework of the AURORA Universities Network (Innsbruck – Duisburg-Essen), the Erasmus partnership Innsbruck-Kiel, and the ongoing cooperation between Innsbruck and Kassel. It is also part of the just initialized Commission “Transformationsprozesse und Imperium in den Antiken Welten Afro-Eurasiens” of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). The conference is supported by a grant PPN/PRO/2020/1/00009/U/00001 of the NAWA Chair 2020 Programme “From the Achaemenids to the Romans: Contextualizing empire and its longue-durée developments” and by a grant from the National Science Centre (Poland) 2021/01/1/HS3/00006.

20 lectures by researchers from all around the globe deal with different "short-term empires". The broad spectrum includes empires of the Graeco-Roman world as well as China in the 3rd century BC up until South America in the 19th century AD. 

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