Co-Organizer with N. Morello und S. Bonzano, Organisation und Leitung des Workshops "Beyond Military: Fortifications and Territorial Policies in the Ancient Near East".

Co-Organizer with A. Wossink, Organisation und Leitung des Workshops "New Research on Iraqi Archaeology" at the Rencontre Assyriologique in Leiden, 18th July 2012.

Organizer of the international workshop "Assyrian Transitions: from the Lower Zab to the Euphrates", 24th and 25th June 2011.


Beyond the Kārum: Shaping Old Assyrian Religious Spaces
Kültepe International Meeting, Kültepe, 27.07.2015.

The Cultural Landscape of the Lower Zab
American School of Oriental Research Meeting San Diego, 18.11.2014.

Twin Cities: the Territorial Dynamics of Paired Fortresses
Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Warsaw, 23.07.2014.

Son of Lesser Gods
Old Assyrian Text Project Meeting, Copenhagen, 24.06.2014

La terra di Idu: provincia, regione e stato
Conferenze e Lezioni per il dottorato di ricerca in Scienze dell’Antichità, University of Udine, 18.02.2014.

With Giulia Barella: Days at the Museum. The Satu Qala 2013 Study Season
Altorientalisches Kolloquium, University of Leipzig, 11.12.2013.

The City of Idu: Between Assyria and a Mountain Place
American School of Oriental Research Meeting 2013 in Baltimore, 20.-24.11.2013.

The Cities Once so Full of Gods
European Association of Biblical Studies Meeting 2013 in Leipzig, 01.08.2013.

With Lauren Ristvet: The City of Idu: Between Assyria and a Mountain Place
Athens, 01.-03.11.2013: Archaeological Research in the Kurdistan Region and Adjacent Areas.

Participating in Religious Celebrations at Mari
Brown University, EAWAS Research Colloquium, 06.05.2013.

Political Entities and Religious Centers at Mari
American School of Oriental Research Meeting 2012 in Chicago, 14.-17.11.2012. Workshop "Geopolitics of Syria" organized by J. Lauinger, E. Stratford and A. Miglio.

Excavations at Satu Qala, Erbil Region, Iraq
American School of Oriental Research Meeting 2012 in Chicago, 14.-17.11.2012. Workshop "New Directions in Iraqi Archaeology" organized by C. Hritz and J. Ur.

The Land of Idu
Brown University, Brown Bag Series, Joukowsky Institute, 09.11.2012; Harvard University, 24.10.2012.

Bericht über die Ausgrabungen in Tell Satu Qala, Irakisch-Kurdistan, im September/Oktober 2011
Leipzig, Leipziger Altorientalisches Kolloquium, 25.01.2012.

With A. Wossink: Excavations at Satu Qala, Erbil Region, Iraq
58th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Leiden, 18.07.2012.

First Season at Satu Qala (Idu): the Archaeological Record
University of Leiden, 21.06.2011: Workshop "The City of Idu in its Transtigrinian Environment".

"Babylonia Capta": Die kulturelle Ausstrahlung einer Metropole im Schatten Assyriens
University of Leipzig, 06.05.2011: Workshop "Die Dynamik der Metropolen – Von der Antike bis zur Postmoderne".

Assyrer am Unteren Zab: Historische Untersuchung über das Tal des Unteren Zab als Ostgrenze des assyrischen Reiches
DOG, 09.04.2011: Annual Meeting.

Kissing God’s Feet
Johns Hopkins University, 17.03.2011.

New Archaeological Research at Tell Satu Qala (Iraqi-Kurdistan)
Yale University, 22.03.2011.

Investigating the Ancient Near East between Germany and Kurdistan: Past Research and new Perspectives
Erbil, Iraq: Conference "Revitalizing Research in Kurdistan", December 14th-16th 2010 (Erbil, Iraq) organized by the Ministry of the Higher Education of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

With W.H. Van Soldt: New Archaeological Research at Tell Satu Qala
56th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Barcelona, 26.-30.07.2010, Workshop "Middle Assyrian Texts and Studies" organized by J. Llop Raduá.

Das tägliche Brot. Herstellung, Speicherung und Verbrauch der Getreidearten und Backprodukte in der Gesellschaft von Mari
University of Göttingen, 09.06.2009.

The religious Landscape of Mari
University of Pilsen, 19.05.2009.

Religion and Politics at the Divine Table: the Cultic Travels of Zimrī-Lîm
54th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Würzburg, 21.-25.07.2008.

Der Kult des reisenden Gottes Dagan in Mari
Martin-Luther-University of Halle: Workshop "Recht und Religion. Wirkungen und Übergänge", May 3rd-4th 2007, SFB Differenz und Integration.

The Jebel Bishri. A Mountain between the River and the Steppe
Leipzig, 26.05.2005, SFB Differenz und Integration.

The Jebel Bishri in its Physical and Cultural Context
Workshop "Trading the (military, commercial and cultural) Itineraries", 02.-04.09.2004, University of Udine.

The Religious Landscape of Mari and Western Syria during the Mari Period
International Conference "Urban and Natural Landscapes of an Ancient Syrian Capital: Settlement and Environment at Tell Mishrifeh/Qatna and in Central-Western Syria", 09.-11.12.2004, University of Udine.

Poster R. Du Mesnil Du Buisson among the Archaeologists of his Time
4th International Congress on Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, Berlin, 29.03.-03.04.2004.

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