Comparative and Interdisciplinary Studies

edited by Robert Rollinger (Innsbruck) and Rahim Shayegan (UCLA)


Mission Statement

Ancient Worlds: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Studies is an international journal for the publication of peer-reviewed original and review articles that focuses on the histories of Ancient Worlds in their broadest chronological and geographical sense. It intends to transcend the traditional boundaries of scholarly disciplines as they have been established in the 19th century and highlights the multiple aspects of connectivity that unite the Ancient Worlds.  

The journal publishes articles in English only. It appears electronically and open access in two issues per year and aims at a swift reviewing and publication process. Reviewing shall not take longer than 5 months, accepted papers shall be published online within two weeks. 

One of the major goals of the journal is to foster interdisciplinary research within a broad chronological and regional framework. This includes traditional archaeological, historical and philological disciplines but also new approaches of disciplines in science like research on ancient DNA and climate.

The journal focuses on entangled histories of the Ancient Worlds in Afro-Eurasia from prehistory through the end of the “long late antiquity”, but also takes into account the Americas in Pre-Columbian times. 

Benefiting both scholars and teachers, Ancient Worlds: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Studies is a source of timely and authoritative research from all fields of historical, archaeological, philological, and scientific research in the complex histories of pre-colonial societies of Afro-Eurasia and the Americas.

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