The Stubai Valley is a side valley of the Wipptal valley. Oraginally it was well known for its metal handicrafts. Nowadays tourism is of higher importance. The Stubai Valley is in the urban catchment of Innsbruck an many people shuttle to Insbruck for work.
At the grassland sites ecological effects of global change on mountain regions have been experimentally studied since 1993. A range of EU research projects (Integralp, Ecomont, Carbomont, Vital, Carbo-Extreme, GHG-Europe), and numerous national projects have contributed studies on greenhouse gas fluxes (focus on CO2, but also methane, N2O and VOC), productivity, C sequestration, nitrogen cycling, water balance and potential risks such as erosion and snow gliding.
The Stubai Valley is part of the LTER Site "Tyrolean High Alps"


Picture: Inst. of Ecology

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