Lake Piburger See

  Piburger See  

Piburger See is situated in the Oetz Valley in the Eastern Alps (47°11’ N,10°50’ E, Tyrol, Austria) at 913 m asl. The lake has a max. depth of 24 m and a water surface of 0.13 km2. Its mainly forested catchment area is 1.7 km2 in size and spans up to 2400 m asl. The lake is a protected site since 1929 and part of a Natural Reserve since 1983.
Piburger See ist part of the LTER Site "Tyrolean High Alps".

    Picture by H. Thies, 2005

Piburger See is an object for limnological research since several decades. Some of the longest ecological time series are available for this lake. The picture to the left shows the surface temperuture of the lake during almost 40 years.

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