The ARMU Literature Database

The ARMU literature database aims to collect publcations in a spatial context. The goal is to provide scientist with an overview which data are available for a specific location from an interdisciplinary view. This is also an important basis for possible collaborations.
The information at which location which research was performed, is often hidden in the 'Material and Methods' section in favor of general statements. Thats why we need your help to bring this data base up to date and to make it useful for the public.
The ARMU Literature Database ist independent from the university's FLD.

You have some publications that should be included in the list?

  1. The publication is available on the internet:
    Please send an e-mail with the complete refence, name of the location, and link to

  2. A publication which is not available on the internet (a monograph, diploma or doctoral thesis ...)
    Also in this case we need the spatial information. Of special importance is also an abstract (summary, review, recension) to inform the reader why this publication is of interest to him. The best way to send tis information is by e-mail to

Spatial information, the name of a location, is not limited to a predefined list. It is not necessary to send each refence separately: commented literature lists amended by the required information are welcome!

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