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Global Change and Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions

Proceedings of the COST Strategic Workshop
April 7-9, 2008, Congress Innsbruck

R. Jandl, A. Borsdorf, H. van Miegroet, R. Lackner, R. Psenner (Ed.)

 ISBN 978-3-902571-97-7

 This publication is supported by COST


Axel Borsdorf and Robert Jandl
Mountain Waters in a Changing World
Rolf Weingartner, Daniel Viviroli and Greg Greenwood
Mountain Vegetation under Environmental Change
Christian Körner
Is there a Future for Mountain Forestry?
Dieter Stöhr
Mountain Tourism in a Climate of Change
Philippe Bourdeau
Natural Disasters and Climate Change in the Alps
Gerhard Berz
Supply and Demand for Ecosystem Services in Mountainous Regions
Thomas Koellner
Global Changes and Economic Globalization in the Andes. Challenges for Developing Nations
Hugo I. Romero, Pamela Smith and Alexis Vasquez
Land Use Change in the Northern Carpathians
Jacek Kozak
The Past and Future of Rocky Mountain Forests: Connecting People and Ecology
Dan Binkley
Transfer of Forestry Expertise Between Mountain Regions
Robert Jandl, Helga Van Miegroet, Alexander Ač and Radek Pokorny
Global Change and Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions – The Pacific Northwest Region of North America
Paul Mitchell-Banks
Optimizing a Monitoring Network for Assessing Ambient Air Quality in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region of Alberta, Canada
Witold Frączek, Andrzej Bytnerowicz and Allan Legge
The New Era has Begun: Renewable Bioenergy Production as a Progressing Interdisciplinary Research Approach
Yolina Hubenova and Mario Mitov