ARTE documentary Ultima Patagonia with Charlotte Honiat

Ultima Patagonia on French and German TV, Arte 12th of October at 20:15

Ultima Patagonia 2

This January Charlotte participated in an international expedition to the island of Madre de Dios organised by Centre-Terre ( For two months, this multidisciplinary Franco-Chilean team, composed of speleologists, geologists, botanists and archaeologists, stayed on the island in complete autonomy to study its unique geological history, identify its species, sometimes endemic, and trace the story of the men who once lived there.
A team of two cameraman, one sound recorder and a film director join them and realized a documentary for the franco-german channel: Arte. Join the team adventures on the 12th of October at 20:15 on Arte and submerged yourself with breathtaking images of the "marble glacier" and the subpolar magellanic forest. From the warm atmosphere at the base camp to the most perilous moments of the expedition, you will follow step by step their odyssey.

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