A dataset for future monitoring of climate change effects in Alpine streams

The effects of climate change are expected to increase in magnitude at high elevations. Therefore, the different ecosystems present in mountain areas are an important sentinel of the changing climate, and their monitoring has a high scientific value. In the data paper below, we gathered abundances data of stream macroinvertebrates collected for 6 consecutive years in an Alpine glacier-fed stream, whose catchment is part of the International Long Term Ecological Research network - macrosite of Matsch|Mazia (IT-25).

The dataset will not only allow for future comparison and assessment of the faunal assemblages on the same stream, but also constitute a reference for evaluating climate change effects in other glacier-fed streams of the Alpine Arc.  

 Science Flash Scotti 

Fig. 1: An example of stream macroinvertebrates included in the dataset: a group of Limnephilidae (Insecta, Trichoptera).


Scotti A, Tappeiner U, Bottarin R (2019) Stream benthic macroinvertebrates abundances over a 6-year monitoring period of an Italian glacier-fed stream. Biodiversity Data Journal 7: e33576.

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