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Structure of Qualification in Aquaculture or Sports Fisheries


One goal of this project is the development of a curriculum for students conforming to EQF level 5. This curriculum will be the basis for adult learning, i.e. life long learning as a part of vocational training. Even if it may not be clear from the different modules, it is felt that mobility is a key requirement for this type of education. Thus, the different modules should be provided by different specialized Institutions in Europe, while the students take the respective courses at different places. Especially private enterprises are encouraged to provide courses and lessons, while accreditation is done by the certificate issuing institutions.

Level 5 EQF in Aquaculture or Sports Fisheries is a 120 credit qualification that consists of 80 core credits, including a minimum of 40 credits from the free choice Units.

  Number Core Units Unit Credit Unit Level
  1 History and Development of Sport Fishing, the Sport Fishing Industry and Aquaculture in Europe 10 5
  2 Fish Identification, Non-native Species, and Endangered Species 10 5
  3 Entrepreneur Skills in the Fisheries Industry 10 5
  4 Specialist Project Study 50 5
    Students choose 4 Units From A or B
(Option) A
  5 Angling Skills 10 5
  6 Fish Health and Welfare 10 5
  7 Aquatic Ecosystems 10 5
  8 Integrative Water Management 10 5
  9 Sports Fisheries and Tourism 10 5
    (Option) B    
  6 Fish Health and Welfare 10 5
  7 Aquatic Ecosystems 10 5
  8 Integrative Water Management 10 5
  10 Aquaculture Systems
   ● Aquaculture Systems Presentation
   ● Management of Recirculation Systems
10 5
  11 Fish Farming Techniques 10 5

Each country may have additional requirements prior to achieving a Level 5 EQF diploma. It is important that the learner and learner provider are aware of any additional requirements by studying the NQF of that particular country.

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