Early Careerists :-)

Early Career Meeting


Support Interdisciplinarity: Within the framework of the Research Focus Alpine Space – Man and Environment, early career scientists are working in different disciplines, addressing a variety of research issues specific for their field. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of this research focus group, it is easy for members to lack a clear overview of the research questions addressed by the large number of other early career scientists beyond the immediate working environment. More interaction among early career scientists - communicating research from outside the individual research fields - could generate new interdisciplinary collaborations, ranging from informal ones, to measurement (systems) sharing and collaborative proposal writing

Strengthen Scientific Skills: Today, most scientific disciplines require that young scientists have a variety of skills in addition to deep knowledge of their research subject. Skills such as specific data handling techniques (e.g. for various types of satellite images), software packages (e.g. for data visualization), programming languages, scientific writing and presentation. Within the context of research focus, exchange of skills between early career and experienced researchers with various backgrounds, different strengths and level of experience (regarding such skills) can help to meet these increased demands for early career scientists. Additional training workshops with experts on specific topics will be organized. 

Social Cohesion: People working within the Research Focus Alpine Space - Man and Environment are from all over the world. Bringing people together, fostering exchange and building bridges between participating cultures is another benefit of the meetings.


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