2016 Program

Now foreseen for late spring 2017: Excursion - Patscherkofel - perspectives for the "Hausberg"




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Past events

23.06.2016, from 13:00: Excursion -  The "2015 treatened areas" in the Sellrain valley



During this field excursion, different experts will give on site some background on last year´s event in the Sellrain valley. The multi-disciplinary program of the afternoon excursion considers the following topics:


1. What is the geological background of the Sellrain valley? (presented by Michael Meyer)

2. Which climate extreme events caused June´s 2015 flooding event? (presented by Wolfgang Gurgiser)

3. What was the impact of deep and shallow landslides and how do they relate to the local geology? (presented by Barbara     Schneider – Muntau and Thomas Zieher)

03.02.2016, from 16:00: Social Event - Sledging at Birgitzer Alm

Sledging022016_1 Sledging022016_2






Summary: Cosy hut, delicious food, real winter conditions - lively exchange & great evening :-)

17.03.2016, 17:00 - 20:00: Training - "Successful Presentations" with Wolfgang Koch (Meeting Room, FSS, Bruno Sander Haus, 5th Floor)



The training provides the participants with all general guidelines for successfully handling presentations as well as language or culture-specific aspects of presenting in English. It provides clear guidelines for the structural and rhetorical layout of presentations, effective handling of PowerPoint, authentic non-verbal communication and efficient preparation of performances.

The combination of general presentation techniques and English as a working language in this seminar provides an ideal basis for presentations in native or other foreign languages and presentation contexts. (Wolfgang Koch)


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