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September 29 – October 3, 2017

University Centre Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria



General Information:

Long-term research programs steadily gained in importance over the last decades, monitoring worldwide issues such as climate change, land use changes, deposition and accumulation of pollutants, acceleration of socio-economic evolution, and analyzing their influences on ecosystems. Ecological and socio-ecological questions in mountain areas can hardly be answered by short funding cycles such as 3-years-projects. Thus, long-term research involving different disciplines and scales is a promising way for gaining comprehensive knowledge to develop amendatory strategies. Long-term research means standardization of methods, long-term data storing and handling, and well-defined evaluation procedures.


With this workshop we want to provide:

  • a platform for sharing information on long term activities in mountain areas
  • a discussion forum for methods, data handling and evaluation
  • round tables for discussions of joint projects
  • an opportunity to get together in a marvelous mountain resort


We are aiming to cover three main topics:

  • Long-term monitoring: methods & data management
  • Long-term monitoring & global warming
  • Long-term monitoring & agricultural practices  


We invite researchers working on long-term studies in mountain areas to share their results, their expertise in monitoring techniques and their experiences in stakeholder demands. We plan to invite (1-2) keynote speakers to stimulate the discussions. Talks and posters are welcome and we appreciate suggestions on discussion topics and round tables.




Below you see a schedule of the workshop. For a pdf of it, please go here.

You can also download a detailed program here.

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University Centre & Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl





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If you have any questions, please contact:


Scientific board:

  • Fabien Arnaud (University of Savoy, FRA)
  • Brigitta Erschbamer (University of Innsbruck, Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl, AUT)
  • Rüdiger Kaufmann (University of Innsbruck, Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl, AUT)
  • Patrice Prunier (hepia Geneva - University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Western Switzerland, CH)
  • Ulrike Tappeiner (University of Innsbruck, AUT)
  • Pascal Vittoz (University of Lausanne, CH)




Supporting institutions:

University of Innsbruck:

  • Vize Rekorate for Research
  • Faculty of Biology
  • Institutes of botany and Ecology

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Municipality of Sölden

Municipaltiy of Sölden


Ötztal Tourism 

Obergurgl | Hochgurgl






The Venue:

As an institution of the University of Innsbruck, the University Centre Obergurgl is located in the immediate vicinity of the central divide of the Austrian Alps featuring a wide range of mountain ecosystems from the treeline ecotone (1930 m a.s.l.) to the nival zone (3480 m a.s.l.). A one-day excursion will be offered.



How to get to Obergurgl?

Arrival from Innsbruck:

A12 freeway Inntal from Innsbruck direction Bregenz / Arlberg / Schweiz to the exit "Oetztal". Then on the highway B186 into the Oetztal passing Längenfeld up to Sölden. Leaving Sölden with direction Zwieselstein / Obergurgl. In Obergurgl in the center of the village, left onto Gaisbergweg and until the street comes to its end on a wide parking area.

Arrival from Bregenz:

A12 freeway Inntal from Bregenz direction Innsbruck to the exit "Oetztal". Then on the highway B186 into the Oetztal passing Längenfeld up to Sölden. Leaving Sölden with direction Zwieselstein / Obergurgl. Entering Obergurgl, see above for description.

Arrival from Zürich:

A1 freeway direction St-Gallen – Feldkirch. Then on the A12 as above. Direct train every two hours from Zürich HB to Ötztal Bahnhof.

Travel by Public Transport

With train to the railway station Oetztal Bahnhof. Then with the bus to Obergurgl.

For timetable enquiries please see: http://www.oebb.at/en/

Coming from the International Airport Innsbruck

The airport of Innsbruck is about 1,5h travelling time from Obergurgl. Going by taxi, rental car or public transportation, please see above for description.

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