Master's Theses

Year: 2021
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Beck, C.      
Frisinghelli, D. Detecting Snow Cover in Multispectral Imagery Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Mayr, G.
Zeileis, A.

Details & download
Hohenwarter, H. Investigating the Role of snow stratigraphy and water transport schemes in modelling wet-snow instability Prinz, R. Details & download
Muehlegger, M.
Analysis of Submicron Atmospheric Particulate Organic Matter by a Chemical Aerosol Online Proton Transfer Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (CHARON PTR-ToF-MS)

Graus, M.; Karl, T.

Details & download
Oberrauch, M. Testing the importance of explicit glacier dynamics for mountain glacier change projections

Maussion, F.

Details & download
Resch, C. Sky Radiance Measurements from Pandora and Retrieval of Aerosol Properties

Karl, T.
Kreuter, A.

Details & download
Rohmann, C. Atmospheric Chemistry Studies with an Aerosol Flowtube on Alternative Jet Fuel Vapors

Graus, M.
Wisthaler, A.
Müller, M.

Details & download
Saigger, M. Is it North or West Foehn? A Langrangian Analysis of PIANO IOP 1

Gohm, A.

Details & download
Schirmeister, Z. Future climate change in the Peruvian Andes as described by CORDEX data

Maussion, F.

Details & download
Schmitt, P. Flowline Glacier Bed Estimation with Numerical Modelling and Cost Minimization

Maussion, F.

Details & download

Year: 2020
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Castellani, M. Estimating Glacier Ice Thickness with Machine Learning Maussion, F. Details & download
Knobloch, S. The Three-Dimensional Structure of Turbulence Kinetic Energy in Complex Terrain: An Evaluation of the Spatial Interpolation Method Kriging Rotach, M. Details & download
Ladstätter, P. Vertical structure of the atmospheric boundary layer in the Inn Valley during CROSSINN Gohm, A. Details & download
Morgenstern, D.
Multidecadal Foehn Time Series Reconstruction Using Maschine Learning and ERA5 Reanalysis Data Mayr, G.
Stauffer, R.
Details & download
Sandner, V. Verification of COSMO-1 forecasts of foehn breakthrough and interruption in the region of Innsbruck

Gohm, A.

 Details & download
Schuster, L. Response time sensitivity of glaciers using the Open Global Glacier Model

Maussion, F.

Details & download
Stucke, I. Spatio-temporal modeling of cloud-to-ground Lightning current strength and polarity in Austria and the atmospheric impact

Mayr, G.
Simon, T.

Details & download
Trichtl, M. The atmospheric water budget over the Tibetan Plateau in ERA-Interim and ERA5 reanalyses

Maussion, F.

Details & download
Zauner, C. Meteorological analysis of a Puspa rain event in the Callejón de Huaylas, Peruvian Andes, with the help of atmospheric simulations and observations

Maussion, F.
Klein, C.

Details & download
Zitelli, R. Sensitivity of ozone production in Innsbruck

Nickus, U.
Karl, T.

 Details & download

Year: 2019
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Ackermann, J. Orographic and atmospheric factors governing localized heavy snowfall
south of the Swiss Jura
Gohm, A. Details & download
Ferreira da Silva, T. Synoptic influences on low tropospheric temperature and humidity inversions

Schlosser, E.

 Details & download
Giordani, A. Estimating ensemble flood forecasts uncertainty - Development of a novel "Peak-box" approach for detecting multiple peak-flow events, and quantification of the ensemble size impact

Rotach, M.
Zappa, M.

Details & download
Graf, S. Urbane NMVOC Messungen mittel NO+ Ionisationsmethode          Karl, T.
Graus, M.
Details & download
Gregor, P. Inversion of Glacier Bed from Surface Observations by Cost Minimization -
Introducing the Open Source Model COMBINE         
Maussion, F. Details & download
Hatvan, V. Evaluation of the physical SNOWPACK model under Arctic conditions Maussion, F. Details & download
Marchio, M. Climatology of ingredients for convection with ERA5          Mayr, G. Details & download
Muschinski, T. Spatial Heterogeneitiy of the Pre-foehnic Inn Valley Cold Air Pool and a
Relationship to Froude Number         
Gohm, A. Details & download
Posch, T. Weather Patterns leading to Thunderstorms in the Eastern Alps Mayr, G.
Simon, T.
Details & download
Raffler, P. Atmospheric Boundary Layer - Structure in the Inn Valley: A Performance Evaluation of the Numerical Weather Prediction Model COSMO Rotach, M. Details & download
Stichaner, M. Urbane NOx/CO2 Enhancement Ratio Messungen mit Hilfe von Instrumenten geringer zeitlicher Auflösung Graus, M.  Details & download
Year: 2018
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Aichinger-Rosenberger, M. Usability of high-resolution GNSS-ZTD data in the AROME model Rotach, M.
Wittmann, C.
Details & download
Baumann, V. Interpretation of NMVOC concentration measurements by PTR-QiTOFMS using non-negative matrix factorization Karl, T. Details & download
Bär, J. Boundary Layer Structure in the Inn Valley - Exploration Possibilities with a Passive Microwave Radiometer Rotach, M.
Lehner, M.
Details & download
Cerny, M. Lake-level changes on the Tibetan Plateau and their Relation to Glacial Melt Maussion, F. Details & download
Dusch, M. Influence of thermal and gravity driven flows on an Arctic fjord wind regime – A case study with numerical simulations Obleitner, F. Details & download
Emprechtinger, M. Turbulence in Complex Topographie - Characterization of the Site Terfens Rotach, M. Details & download
Göbel, M. Statistical post-processing of a numerical weather prediction model with neural networks          Mayr, G.
Piater, J.
Stauffer, R.
Details & download
Goller, M. Satellitenmessungen von Niederschlag: Räumliche und Zeitliche Repräsentativität von Niederschlag          Hagen, M.
Mayr, G.
Details & download
Hammerer, L. Influence of Atmospheric Parameters on the Mass Balance of Intercepted Snow in Forested Areas Jonas, T., Kuhn, M. Details & download
Herla, F. A Universal Particle Dispersion Parametrization for Ground-Level Concentration Distributions          Rotach, M. Details & download
Kilian, M. Impact of the Eruption of Mt. Pinatubo on the chemical composition of the tropical atmosphere as simulated with EMAC Maussion, F., Brinkop, S., Jöckel, P. Details & download
Laiminger, E. Scaling of Turbulent Kinetic Energy in an Alpine Valley Rotach, M.  
Naschberger, D. Flächenhafte Vorhersagen von Temperatur und relativer Luftfeuchte im Flachland Mayr, G., Dabernig, M. Details & download
Raparelli, E. Snow metamorphism and densification: Comparison of measured, parametrised and modelled data Kaser, G. Details & download
Schmidt, A. Weather Type Classifications in Statistically Postprocessed Temperature and Precipitation Forecasts

Mayr, G.
Stauffer, R.

Details & download
Schüssling, C. Types of Extratropical Cyclones - Comparison of Well-Known Concepts and Case Study Cyclones Mayr, G. Details & download
Strudl, M. Globale Sensitivitätsanalyse und Kalibrierung eines hydrologischen Modells für das vergletscherte Einzugsgebiet Riffelsee Kaser, G., Gurgiser, W. Details & download
Tollinger, M. Unravelling the March 1972 northwest Greenland windstorm – Numerical case study and sensitivity experiments          Gohm, A. Details & download

Year: 2017
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Brakemeier, M. Charakteristics of snow structure along Kongsvegen glacier (Svalbard) Obleitner, F. Details & download
Brunhuber, S. Return Periods of Extratropical Storms in Europe Mayr, G. Details & download
Del Gobbo, C. Debris thickness investigation of Solda Glacier, Southern Rhaetian Alps, Italy. Methodological considerations about the use of Ground Penetrating Radar over a debris-covered glacier. Nicholson, L. Details & download
Ehrengruber, P. Snow cover modeling on glaciers - An attempt at a high-resolution model chain for mass balance calculation Bellaire, S., Nicholson, L. Details & download
Graber, P. Probabilistische Vorhersage von Beschneiungsbedingungen in Tiroler Skigebieten Mayr, G., Gebetsberger, M. Details & download
Krieger, V. Influence of secondary orography on trapped lee wave rotors in water tank experiments Maussion, F. Details & download
Lamprecht, C. Charakterization of NOx Sources based on Tracer Correlations in Innsbruck Karl, T. Details & download
Langhamer, L. Lagrangian Detection of Moisture Sources for the Southern Patagonia Icefield Mayr, G. Details & download
Schlumpberger, M. Wet and Dry Spells in Rio Santa Watershed, Peruvian Andes, and connections to the large scale circulation Maussion, F. Details & download
Schöll, M. Temperature Variance Profiles in Complex Terrain - Testing a Passive Microwave System to Measure Atmospheric Turbulence Rotach, M. Details & download
Schönach, D. Multivariate Statistical Postprocessing of Vertical Temperature Profiles Mayr, G. Details & download
Siller, M. Wet and Dry Spells in the Rio Santa Basin, Peruvian Andes: A WRF Modeling Case Study Maussion, F. Details & download
Steinacher, C, Vergleich der meteorologischen Verhältnisse der beiden konträren Jahre 2009 und 2010 in der Antarktis Schlosser, E.  
Stutz, A. Transport of Saharan Dust to the Sonnblick Observatory Nickus, U. Details & download
Thaler, M. Characterization of high frequency NO2 measurements - A comparison of a cavity ring-down spectroscopy and a chemiluminescence technique based instrument Graus, M. Details & download
Thorlaksson, D. Calibrating a glacier ice thickness inversion model from in-situ point measurements Maussion, F. Details & download
Weiler, F. Bias correction using ground echoes for the airborne demonstrator of the wind lidar on the ADM-Aeolus mission Karl, T. Details & download
Zier, C. Wie beeinflussen großskalige Wetterstrukturen das lokale Wetter in den Anden von Chile? Ein Downscaling Experiment Maussion, F. Details & download

Year: 2016
Student Title Advisor Download
Baur, F. Determination of turbulent fluxes of airborne data in complex terrain using wavelet analysis Rotach, M. Details & download
Beck, L. Partikelneubildung auf dem Sonnblick und der Zugspitze : März bis Juli 2013 Nickus, U. Details & download
Brogli, R. Rotor Formation in the Inn Valley : A Modeling Study Stiperski, I. Details & download
Covi, F. Assessing Precipitation Mechanisms on Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya: an Idealized Modeling Study Gohm, A., Kaser, G. Details & download
Gutleben, M. Nature and Extent of Shallow Marine Convection in Subtropical Regions : Analysis of airborne and spaceborne LIDAR-Data over the North Atlantic Ocean Karl, T., Gross, S. Details & download
Hochstaffl, P. Validation of carbon monoxide total columns from SCIAMACHY near infrared nadir spectra with NDACC/TCCON ground-based measurements Karl, T., Schreier, F. Details & download
Luther, A. Validation of satellite-based surface solar irradiance calculations in complex terrain Obleitner, F. Details & download
Maier, C. Assessing snow depth distribution on the basis of atmospheric reanalysis Marzeion, B. Details & download
Markl, Y. Spatial Interpolation and Analysis of Airborne Meteorological Data in an Alpine Valley Rotach, M. Details & download
Polster, C. Bayesian Retrieval of Thermodynamic Atmospheric Profiles from Ground-based Microwave Radiometer Data Rotach, M. Details & download
Portele, T. Mountain Wave Propagation under Transient Tropospheric Forcing : A DEEPWAVE Case Study Gohm, A., Dörnbrack, A. Details & download
Radlherr, A. Beobachtung von Gewittersystemen im Bereich des östlichen Alpennordrandes bei Südwestwetterlagen Mayr, G. Details & download
Schmederer, P. Characteristic Lifecycles of Ice Supersaturated Regions: implications on the competition of contrails and natural cirrus clouds Mayr, G., Unterstraßer, S. Details & download
Siedersleben, S. The missing link between Alpine potential vorticity banners and banded convection: A case study of a severe Alpine snow storm Gohm, A. Details & download
Stoll, E. Influences of a warming climate on wet snow avalanche activity : A case study for the Kaprun Valley, Austria Mayr, G., Marzeion., B, Zeidler, A. Details & download
Streatfeild, J. Probabilistic Frost Prediction for the Blooming Period in South Tyrol Mayr, G. Details & download
Stuke, S. Characterizing thin clouds using aerosol optical depth information Blumthaler, M., Kuhn, M. Details & download
Umek, L. Lake and Orographic Effects on Precipitation at Lake Constance : Case Study and Numerical Sensitivity Experiments Gohm, A. Details & download
Zolles, T. Uncertainty estimation of a glacier mass balance model Maussion, F. Details & download
Zweifel, L. Probabilistic Foehn Forecasting for the Gotthard Region based on Model Output Statistics Mayr, G., Stauffer, R. Details & download

Year: 2015
Student Title Advisor Download
Bramberger, M. Does Strong Tropospheric Forcing cause Large Amplitude Mesospheric Gravity Waves? : A Deepwave Case Study Stiperski, I., Dörnbrack, A. Details & download
Dittmann, A. Precipitation regime and stable isotopes at Dome Fuji, Antarctica Schlosser, E. Details & download
Fetz, V. Richtung und Geschwindigkeit des Klimawandels : Eine globale Betrachtung Marzeion, B. Details & download
Hangweyrer, M. Analyse von Bodenmessdaten und satellitengestützten Niederschlagsdaten in der Cordillera Blanca, Peru Kaser, G. Details & download
Homann, J. The Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on Alpine Winter Precipitation Mayr, G. Details & download
Lang, M. The Impact of Embedded Valleys on Daytime Pollution Transport over a Mountain Range Gohm, A. Details & download
Schmassmann, L. Seasonal forecasting of winter wave activity on the Atlantic coast of Western Europe Mayr, G., Messner, J. Details & download
Stöckl, S. Pollutant transport in the Urban Canopy Layer using a Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model Rotach, M. Details & download
Vogt, M. Contrails in the ECMWF Integrated Forecast System Gohm, A. Details & download

Year: 2014
Student Title Advisor Download
Altnau, S. Climatic signals from 76 shallow firn cores in Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica Schlosser, E. Details & download
Brandes, K. Einfluss von Föhn, Anströmung und Temperaturschichtung auf die Ozonkonzentration in Innsbruck Nickus, U. Details & download
Fiegl, G. Probabilistic Categorical Wind Gust Forecast in Complex Terrain : Case Study on Hahnenkamm, AUSTRIA Mayr, G. Details & download
Gruber, S. Modelling snow water equivalent based on daily snow depths Marzeion, B. Details & download
Kneringer, P. Statistische Kurzfristwindvorhersagen für den Achensee, Tirol Mayr, G. Details & download
Leitner, M. Zeitliche und Räumliche Analyse von Blitzentladungen : Auswertung der Daten der CHUVA-Blitzmesskampagne Mayr, G. Details & download
Meran, I. Darstellung des atmosphärischen Aerosols am Sonnblick Observatorium Nickus, U., Kasper-Giebl, A.  
Plavcan, D. Automatic and Probabilistic Foehn Diagnosis with a Statistical Mixture Model Mayr, G., Zeileis, A. Details & download
Staudacher, J. Vorhersage von Schneeverfrachtungsklassen an ausgewählten Tiroler Standorten Mayr, G. Details & download
Wild, C. Sensitivity Studies of an Ice Flow Model Marzeion, B., Jarosch, A., Kaser, G. Details & download
Wiß, F. Statistical analysis of soil moisture in a CMIP5 multi-model ensemble Rotach, M., Hageman, S., Stacke, T. Details & download

Year: 2013
Student Title Advisor Download
Dabernig, M. Comparison of different numerical weather prediction models as input for statistical wind power forecasts Mayr, G.   Download (1.03 MB)
Eichhorn, K. The change of power curves as a function of various meteorological parameters Mayr, G.   Download (2.7 MB)
Gisinger, S. Large Eddy Simulation der Luftstr¨omung in einer idealisierten, fraktalen Modellstadt - Geschwindigkeit, Turbulenz und Darcy Gesetz Rotach, M., Dörnbrack, A.   Download (5.4 MB)
Pelzer, O. Ein minimales Modell für die saisonale Schneedecke Marzeion, B.  
Pinter, A. Kurzfristvorhersage der Sichtweite an den Flughäfen Innsbruck und Wien Mayr, G., Lanzinger, A.  
Presser, M. FROST - Forecasting road surface temperature in Switzerland via model output statistics Mayr, G., Rindlisbacher, M.   Download (2.05 MB)
Tiefengraber, M. Developing IN2DOAS: Atmospheric Nitrogen Dioxide Determination Applying Direct-Sun Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy Blumthaler, M., Kuhn, M.   Download (16.05 MB)
Tilg, A. Parametrisation and Trend - Analysis of Snow Water Equivalent in the Alpine region Marty, C., Kuhn, M.   Download (11.25 MB)

Year: 2012
Student Title Advisor Download
Bilstein, M. Analyse der 24h-, 48h- und 72h-Leistungsprognosen von verschiedenen onshore Windparks Mayr G.  
Dietz, S. Untersuchung charakteristischer Lebenszyklen von eisübersättigten Regionen Unterstraßer, S. Details & download
Mitterer, C. Indirekte Bestimmung der Ablation mittels digitaler Photogrammetrie (Hornkees, Zillertaler Alpen) Fischer, A.  
Reif, M. Inner-Core Vacillation Cycles of Hurricane Katrina in a Non-Hydrostatic Model Gohm, A.   Download (3.39 MB)

Year: 2011
Student Title Advisor Download
Oechslin, R. Wind Power Forecasting Considering Icing Dierer, S., Mayr, G.   Download (6.1 MB)

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