Atmospheric boundary-layer modeling over complex terrain (ASTER)

ASTER is a collaborative research project between the University of Innsbruck, the University of Trento, and the University of Bolzano funded by the EGTC European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino.

The objective is to evaluate the performance of turbulence and land surface parameterizations in a numerical weather prediction model over complex Alpine terrain and to quantify the model's sensitivity to potential errors in these parameterizations.

ASTER is a partner project of the TEAMx research programme.



University of Innsbruck, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
PI: Manuela Lehner
University of Trento, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
PI: Lorenzo Giovannini
Free University of Bolzano, Faculty of Science and Technology
PI: Leonardo Montagnani


Funding agency: EGTC European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino - IPN 101-32/Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Project duration: July 2019–June 2022

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