Polar Meteorology

Polar Meteorology

The polar regions of the earth have been studied by ACINN since the International Geophysical Year (IGY) 1957/58. Additional to our traditional research interest, mass and energy balance of glaciers (including ice sheets and shelves), the interpretation of deep ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica has become our main focus.

The stable isotope ratio of polar ice is one of the crucial proxies to derive paleotemperatures. For a correct interpretation of ice core data, however, we need to fully understand the precipitation mechanisms that lead to the formation of the ice. This includes moisture sources and transport as well as meteorological conditions at the time and location of snow deposition. To investigate this, we use recent stable isotope and meteorological station data combined with high-resolution atmospheric modeling. Our focus is on process studies in Antarctica.

Apart from that, a part of the dynamics group deals with the sensitivity of Svalbard glaciers to climate change and special polar dynamics conditions (polar lows).

Research interests

  • Antarctic climate and synoptics
  • Relationship between stable isotopes of ice and air temperature
  • Polar lows

Ongoing Projects

Completed projects


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