High resolution monitoring and modelling under climate change conditions (hiSNOW)


The focus of this project is the quantification of uncertainties in snow and ice melt contribution to runoff for at different defined spatial and temporal scales of modelling. The project is led from the Institute of Geography and involves members of ACINN and EURAC. The research involves the application and evaluation of glaciological and geodetic methods of determining glacier mass balance and runoff from snowmelt at a range of temporal scales applied to the Hochjochferner/Val Senales region.


Juen Irmgard
Nicholson Lindsey
Prinz Rainer

External Members:
Sailer Rudolf (Geography) – Project Leader
Strasser Ulrich (Geography)
Stötter Hans (Geography)
Hanzer Florian (Geography)
Notarnicola Claudia (EURAC)
Zebisch Marc (EURAC)
Rastner Philipp (EURAC)

Funding Agencies:
Autonome Provinz Bozen-Südtirol - Provincia autonoma di Bolzano – Alto Adige
Amt für Hochschulförderung
Universität und Forschung: Einzelprojekt wissenschaftl. Forschung

Project Duration:
02/01/2014 to 01/31/2016

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