Austrian Glacier Inventory

The glacier boundaries of the two Austrian Glacier Inventories (1969, 1998) are available as ArcGis shape files. For download please use the download button. An instruction file with all necessary information is included in the Zip-file.


Austrian Glacier Inventory

New Glacier Inventory

Responding to the strong glacier mass and area losses of the past decades an airborne laser scanning survey of 2006 has been used to delineate the new glacier extent and to determine recent volume changes. Information on how the new inventory has been produced can be found in (Abermann and others, 2010)

Austrian Glacier Inventory

Austrian Glacier Inventory

Area and volume changes between 1998 and 2006 and an aerial photograph from 2008 of this location for Rotmoosferner (RMF) and Wasserfallferner (WFF).

Austrian Glacier Inventory

Relative area changes for the glaciers in the Ötztal Alps comparing the periods 1969-1997 and 1997-2006.

These three glacier inventories are the base for comparing rates of area and volume change for the two different periods (1969-1998 and 1998-2006). We found, that rates of area losses have increased less than rates of volume losses. Small glaciers reduced their rate of area changes, meaning that they are already closer to a new equilibrium.


Project Leader:
Kuhn Michael

External Members:
Jakob Abermann
Astrid Lambrecht



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