Mountain Meteorology

 Weatherstation close to Langenferner

The spectrum of topics in mountain meteorology includes, e.g., terrain-forced flows, diurnal mountain winds, and orographic precipitation. Associated with these phenomena are processes, such as turbulence, air pollution transport, and hydrological runoff, that have impacts on society and economy.

The research interest of ACINN is to contribute to a better understanding and ultimately to an improved forecast of these processes. Our work is inspired by the magnificent view from our office windows of the surrounding mountains and the ongoing weather as well as by the tradition of the “Innsbruck school” in mountain meteorology founded in the early 20th century by prominent names such as Heinrich von Ficker, Arthur Wagner, Erwin Ekhart and Friedrich Defant. Meanwhile our profile and knowledge on mountain weather has been significantly shaped by our participation in international field campaigns, such as the ALPEX experiment and the Mesoscale Alpine Programme (MAP), that took place in our immediate neighborhood.

Research interests

  • Flow over, around, and “through” mountains; particularly foehn winds and gap flows
  • Thermally induced wind systems
  • Air pollution in complex terrain
  • Convection and lightning in mountainous terrain
  • Low stratus clouds in Alpine Valleys

Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects


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