High-Resolution Numerical Modeling

High-Resolution Numerical Modeling

Current numerical weather prediction and regional climate models are not able to fully resolve processes over complex terrain, such as the exchange of heat and moisture between the surface and the atmosphere, local flows and circulations over mountains and in valleys, as well as orographic precipitation. One way to improve the understanding of these processes and subsequently to develop parameterizations for their unresolved effects is high-resolution numerical modelling.

At ACINN we use such models, e.g., the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, for real-case studies and idealized sensitivity simulations of atmospheric flows over complex terrain. They are run on Linux compute clusters, which are part of the University’s High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure, at a horizontal grid spacing typically less than one kilometer. More recently, computational grids and cloud computing are used to run simpler models for theoretical studies of orographic precipitation. ACINN is part of the University’s Research Platform on Scientific Computing.

Research interests

  • Atmospheric flows over complex terrain
  • Orographic precipitation
  • Large eddy simulations (LES)
  • Grid computing
  • Cloud computing

Ongoing projects

Completed projects


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