Dr. Stefano Serafin

Senior Scientist
Atmospheric Dynamics 

  Room 6DG20

Curriculum Vitae:

Download cv_serafin_20180406.pdf (210.32 KB)

Research Interests

  • Mountain meteorology
  • Boundary-layer meteorology
  • Mesoscale dynamics
  • Numerical modeling




Monograph, Scientific
  • Serafin, S.; Rotach, M.W.; Arpagaus, M.; Colfescu, I.; Cuxart, J.; De Wekker, S.F.J.; Evans, M.; Grubisic, V.; Kalthoff, N.; Karl, T.; Kirshbaum, D.J.; Lehner, M.; Mobbs, S.; Paci, A.; Palazzi, E.; Raudzens, Bailey A.; Schmidli, J.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Zardi, D. (2020): Multi-scale transport and exchange processes in the atmosphere over mountains. Programme and experiment. Innsbruck: innsbruck university press (IUP). ISBN 978-3-99106-003-1. (Full-text) (DOI)

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Fuchs, Florian; Schneider, Felix M.; Kolinsky, Petr; Serafin, Stefano; Bokelmann, Götz (2019): Rich observations of local and regional infrasound phases made by the AlpArray seismic network after refinery explosion.
    In: Scientific Reports 9, No. 13027. (DOI)

  • Serafin, Stefano; Strauss, Lukas; Dorninger, Manfred (2019): Ensemble reduction using cluster analysis.
    In: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 145, pp. 659 - 674. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Schneider, F.M.; Fuchs, F.; Kolínský, P.; Caffagni, E.; Serafin, S.; Dorninger, M.; Bokelmann, G.; AlpArray Working Group (2018): Seismo-acoustic signals of the Baumgarten (Austria) gas explosion detected by the AlpArray seismic network.
    In: Earth And Planetary Science Letters 502, pp. 104 - 114. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Sachsperger, J.; Serafin, S.; Grubišić, V.; Stiperski, I.; Paci, A. (2017): The amplitude of lee waves on the boundary-layer inversion.
    In: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 143/702, pp. 27 - 36. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Stiperski, I.; Serafin, S.; Paci, A.; Ágústsson, H.; Belleudy, A.; Calmer, R.; Horvath, K.; Knigge, Ch.; Sachsperger, J.; Strauss, L.; Grubišić, V. (2017): Water Tank Experiments on Stratified Flow over Double Mountain-Shaped Obstacles at High-Reynolds Number.
    In: Atmosphere 8/1, No. 13. (DOI) (Web link)

Journal Article (Review)
  • Serafin, S.; Adler, B.; Cuxart, J.; De Wekker, S.F.J.; Gohm, A.; Grisogono, B.; Kalthoff, N.; Kirschbaum, D.J.; Rotach, M.; Schmidli, J.; Stiperski, I.; Vecenaj, Z.; Zardi, D. (2018): Exchange Processes in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Over Mountainous Terrain.
    In: Atmosphere 9/3, No. 102. (DOI) (Web link)

Journal Article (Other)
  • Arnold, D.; Morton, D.; Schicker, I.; Seibert, P.; Rotach, M.W.; Horvath, C.; Dudhia, J.; Satomura, T.; Muller, M.; Zangl, G.; Takemi, T.; Serafin, S.; Schmidli, J.; Schneider, S. (2012): Issues in High-resolution atmospheric modeling in complex topography – The HiRCoT workshop.
    In: Croatian Meteorological Journal 47, pp. 3 - 11. (Web link)

  • Arnold, D.; Morton, D.; Schicker, I.; Seibert, P.; Rotach, MW.; Horvath, K.; Dudhia, J.; Satomura, T.; Müller, M.; Zängl, G.; Takemi, T.; Serafin, S.; Schmidli, J.; Schneider, S. (2012): High Resolution Modelling in Complex Terrain. Report on the HiRCoT 2012 Workshop, Vienna, 21 23 February 2012.
    In: BOKU-Met Report 21, pp. 21 - 23. (Web link)

Journal Article (Meeting-Abstract)
  • Rotach, M. W.; Arpagaus, M.; Cuxart, J.; De Wekker, S. J. F.; Grubisic, V.; Kalthoff, N.; Kirshbaum, D.; Lehner, M.; Mobbs, S.; Paci, A..; Serafin, S.; Zardi, D. (2018): A coordinated effort to investigate Transport and Exchange Processes in the Atmosphere over Mountains-Experiment (TEAMx).
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts. EGU General Assembly 20, EGU2018-13812. (Web link)

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