Research Interests

  • Climate and glaciers
  • Transport of pollutants in Alpine valleys
  • Historical meteorological time series


Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • HOFINGER, S.; MAYR, GJ.; DREISEITL, E.; KUHN, M. (2000): Fine-Scale Observations Of Summertime Precipitation In An Intra-Alpine Region.
    In: Meteorology And Atmospheric Physics 72, p. 175.

  • Kuhn, M.; Dreiseitl, E.; Hofinger, S.; Markl, G.; Span, N.; Kaser, G. (1999): Measurements And Models Of The Mass-Balance Of Hintereisferner.
    In: Geografiska Annaler Series A-Physical Geography 810, pp. 659 - 670. (Web link)

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