News and Events

  • Vortrag von Bodo Erhardt (DWD) am 5.11.2019
    "Arbeiten mit dem Wetter - Karriere als Wetterberater im operationellen Vorhersagedienst des DWD"
  • Master-Theses - Motivated Master Students wanted
    Two motivated master students: 1 in meteorology and 1 in physical geography, for a joint project to investigate the efficient use of a cold air pool for technical snow production and snow management in the cross-country skiing area of Seefeld (Tyrol).
  • Graduate Seminar
    Verena Schenzinger (MUI): "HTE or no HTE? Causal explorations of a tropical stratosphere teleconnection" 30/10/2019 - 11:45, Room 60819
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