Dear presenter,

thank you for agreeing to give a presentation at the ACINN Seminar. In our format, presentations are typically 30 minutes to allow for questions and discussion. Audience are the the PhD students and scientific staff of the department. Fields of research span from the cryosphere and climate modelling, dynamics, synoptics, turbulence to atmospheric chemistry, so you might want to briefly introduce the import concepts that are necessary to follow your talk. I also suggest to avoid jargon that participants who don't focus on your specific topic won't be familiar with. 

Please, provide us with the following information about your seminar presentation:

Presentation title, presenter's name and affiliation the way they should show in the announcement and the abstract pdf as well as a short text(*) describing what your audience can expect to hear in your presentation.

Please, find here a template document.

(*) Text of the abstract. A few sentences to a maximum of three short paragraphs that fit on ~2/3 of a page will do.  Please, provide the title of your presentation (if you have not done so already) no later than mid February (summer term) or mid September (winter term), respectively, to allow for the finalization of the seminar calendar. We kindly ask you to send us your abstract no later than two weeks before your presentation.

We will use your abstract to advertize the seminar presentation through our mailing list and we will archive a pdf of it on our web page. Please, provide literature references if needed, but keep the number of citations to a minimum.

After your presentation date, we would like to provide your audience with access to your slides (or a trimmed version of it) to read up on details and foster the scientific discussion beyond the Q/A at the end of the presentation. Are you willing to have your pdf or presentation slides document archived on our webpage?

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