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General information about the STAMP-online program

Today's world is often aptly described by the buzzwords "volatility" and "digitalisation". The impact of digital transformation is far-reaching, affecting data and interfaces as well as people and their experiences and ways of working.

Studies report a possible threat to accounting jobs due to advancing digitalisation and highlight the need to integrate technological competences into curricula.

In order to tackle this highly relevant issue at the European level and to address the concerns of students, as future graduates and potential future employees in the field of accounting, the STAMP-online programme was launched. The STAMP-online project is a project implemented by the AFECA consortium. STAMP-online is the catchy acronym for Smart Teaching in Accounting – Meeting Place Online.

The STAMP-online project is an ERASMUS+ funded strategic partnership (2020-1-RO01-KA203-080299) with total funding of EUR 257,111.99. The project is led by the partners of the West University of Timisoara (UVT) under the leadership of Prof. Ovidiu-Constantin Bunget and his team around Dr Rodica Blidisel, Dr Alina Almasan, Dr Alin-Constantin Dumitrescu and Dr Cristina Circa.

A total of 12 European universities are involved in the STAMP project. Prof. Steckel, Dr. Graschitz, Ms. Holzknecht, MSc. and Ms. Hosp, MSc. are in charge of the project at the University of Innsbruck. Online Transnational Project Meetings are held twice a year and a total of three Intensive Study Programmes (ISPs) are planned.


Main objective

The overall objective of the STAMP-online programme is to create an online platform to provide students and teachers with the competences and skills that are in demand in the international accounting labour market.


Further objectives

Through comprehensive and innovative research, the relationship between research and practice is also to be reshaped and strengthened.

Through the use of information technologies, an online platform will be implemented and tested to support students and teachers and to enable excellence in teaching and skills development.


Target group

The target group of the programme are students at the partner universities, but also lecturers benefit directly from the project.


Expected project outcomes

  • A freely accessible international learning platform to facilitate training and teaching in the fields of accounting, taxation and auditing and to create a virtual meeting place.
  • A teaching concept for the optimal application and use of case studies (problem-based learning (PBL)) based on a cooperative pedagogical approach
  • Case studies covering current topics of digitalisation and the use of digital technologies, and in particular the following areas: Big Data and Audit, Digitalization and IFRS, Taxation in the Digital Economy, Non-Financial Information Statement, CSR and Ethics in the Digital Era
  • Research collaboration between companies, professional associations, universities and students
  • A best practice guide for the application of innovative teaching methods in accounting with the aim of teaching key competences and skills


Intensive Study Programmes

From 22 to 26 November 2021, the first STAMP-online Intensive Study Programme (ISP) took place virtually, the students' field report can be accessed here. More detailed information on the first ISP can be found here.



 The second STAMP-online ISP took place as first face-to-face event since 2019 from 10 to 15 July 2022 in Vilnius, Lithuania. In total, there were 55 students and 22 professors from 11 different countries. The students worked in international teams to develop solutions for different case studies in te field of accounting and taxation in relation to the digital age and presented their results. The stay at the ISM University of Management and Economics was complemented by a diversified leisure programme, whcih included an excursion to Trakai Castle and a farewell party. The programme of the second ISP can be found here



Information for students

Through their participation in the STAMP-online project, students gain in-depth knowledge in the areas of accounting, auditing and taxation and, in particular, can also improve their skills and competences with regard to digitalisation and the use of information technologies. In this way, they are ideally prepared for the current requirements of the world of work as well as for their career entry.

Participation in the STAMP-online project is possible for students of the Master's programme in Accounting, Auditing & Taxation in their third semester of specialisation. The number of students participating in the project on the part of the University of Innsbruck is limited each year. Usually between 10 and 15 students from Innsbruck take part. During the ISP (Intensive Study Programme), students work in groups with students from the other international partner universities on solutions to various case studies from the above-mentioned areas. Participation in the ISP is therefore intended to serve both as a means of applying acquired knowledge and as a short-term experience abroad.

In July 2023, the University of Innsbruck will again welcome students and professors from various countries as the third ISP in the STAMP-online project will be hosted by the University of Innsbruck. Of course, this is subject to a stable situation with regard to COVID 19.


Partner universities


Project team in Innsbruck



More information about the project as well as some first impressions can be found on their homepage, Facebook, Instagram and the website of Erasmus+

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