Intensive Study Programme 2023 in Innsbruck

As part of the STAMP-online project Smart Teaching in Accounting - Meeting Place Online (STAMP-online), the third Intensive Study Programme (ISP) will take place in Innsbruck at the Leopold-Franzens University from 2nd-8th July 2023. We look forward to welcoming many international students and teachers from various partner universities.

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Intensive Study Programs

The total of three ISPs can be seen as the annual highlight of the project, in which several students from the partner universities participate. Students work in international groups on case studies concerning the topics of digitalisation in IFRS financial reporting, international taxation, non-financial reporting and auditing. In addition to the professional added value, the participants have the opportunity to get to know new cultures and exchange ideas with other students.


Thanks to the ISP students will:

  • Improve their accounting key competencies and skills by implementing dynamic and interactive constructive-learning methods in their learning process.
  • Improve their comprehension of spoken and written English by listening and interacting in solving different problems through dynamic and interactive constructive methods.
  • Take direct contact with real-world case studies.
  • Solve a problem-based learning case proposed by companies/ professional bodies.
  • Expand their network.
  • Get exchange benefits of transnational cooperation in Big Data and Audit, Digitalization and IFRS, Taxation in the Digital Economy, Non-Financial Information Statement, CSR, and Ethics in the Digital Era.
  • Use a variety of digital tools and software through new forms of personalized learning through the strategic use of open educational resources and virtual learning platforms.
  • Get an orientation/job counselling and a methods/tools guidance through the research performed, which ist useful to make correct decisions.
  • Work in an international environment of higher education institutions and other stakeholders to promote regional development and cross-sectoral cooperation to exchange experiences and create new links between different sectors of education and international practice using digital tools and software.

In 2021, the Western University in Timisoara organised the first Intensive Study Programme from 22nd-26th November, which was held virtually due to Covid-19 regulations. The second STAMP-online ISP has taken place as the first face-to-face event since 2019 from 10th-15th July 2022 in Vilnius at ISM University.

Lecture during the ISP

Lecture during the ISP in Vilnius

Presentation of the case studies

Presentation of the case studies by students

City tour through Vilnius
City tour of Vilnius with a group of ISP participants

STAMP online - Smart Teaching in Accounting - Meeting Place Online


Living in a period of serious transformations related to data, interface, people, or experiences, we are thinking of the biggest impact on accounting education, research, and practice of digitalization. According to the research performed, there are awarns on the risk to the accountant profession, suggestions being made that technological knowledge should be integrated into the curricula and adapted to the change requirement. Starting from these issues and the European concerns, in order to identify and respond directly to the needs of our students as future graduates and accountants, the STAMP ONLINE project is welcome!

The Smart Teaching in Accounting - Meeting Place Online (STAMP-online) project was launched under the EU ERASMUS+ programme and funded as a strategic partnership (2020-1-RO01-KA203-080299) with a total of over 257,100 euros. It will be implemented from 2020 to 2023 by the AFECA consortium and the partners of the West University of Timisoara (UVT), led by Prof. Ovidiu-Constantin Bunget and his team around Dr. Rodica Blidisel, Dr. Alina Almasan, Dr. Alin-Constantin Dumitrescu and Dr. Cristina Circa, will act as project leaders.


A total of 12 European universities are involved in the STAMP project:


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Steckel, Dr. Sabine Graschitz, Irina Hosp and Simona Holzknecht are in charge of the project at the University of Innsbruck. In addition to the three ISPs, online Transnational Project Meetings are held twice a year.


The general objective of STAMP-online is to create an international online environment in the digital era to reengineer/ replace the knowledge as well as key competencies and skills that students and teachers will acquire to be directly useful to the international financial-accounting labour market. Through their participation in the STAMP-online project, students gain in-depth knowledge in the areas of accounting, auditing and taxation and can also improve their skills and competences with regard to digitalisation and the use of information technologies. In this way, they are optimally prepared for the current requirements of the working world and their career entry.

Furthermore, the objective is to redesign the relationship between scientific and practical environment by innovative activities in comprehensive research in the scope of useful application in the teaching-learning-practical environment. Through the use of information technologies, an online platform will be implemented and tested to support students and teachers and to enable excellence in teaching and skills development.

The ISPs act as formal tests of case study development and the international learning platform: the provision of selected learning materials and student engagement in group activities to solve the case studies can provide valuable feedback from participants. Based on this, materials and cases can be refined and further developed.

Exepected results

  • A robust, innovative, and freely accessible custom international learning platform to facilitate teaching/learning in accountancy and create a virtual meeting place between employers – students – teachers
  • A teaching concept for optimal use of the case studies (e.g., Problem-Based Learning) based on collaborative pedagogical alignment: key competencies in accordance to the international labour market - companies - teaching objectives - teaching -learning activities - feedback/ evaluation
  • Case studies that integrate current topics of digitalisation and the integration of digital information technology, in particular: Big Data and Audit, Digitalization and IFRS, Taxation in the Digital Economy, Non-Financial Information Statement, CSR, and Ethics in the Digital Era
  • Research collaboration and co-creation among universities, employers, and students
  • Best practice guide for applying smart and innovative teaching-learning methods in accounting, with the aim of providing key competencies and skills.


One of the overall results of the project is a comprehensive, unique, and innovative international learning platform as a Meeting Place Online.

We expect that our project will have an impact on a regional, national and European level. The outcomes of the project will enhance the quality of education on the higher education institutions using all the intellectual outputs innovatively produced within the project. The students will increase their employability in internationally acting institutions. Also, the project could foster international labour market mobility. Overall, we expect a significant enhancement in teaching in higher education institutions in Europe.

The project results focus on supporting innovation in the financial accounting domain, developing innovative intellectual products focused on the market needs, and providing a structured dissemination and exploitation of the developed innovative intellectual products, enhancing the quality and relevance of students’ key knowledge and skills.

Access to the learning platform

The learning platform is freely accessible and can be used by both the participating universities and other interested universities:





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