Teilnahme am empirischen Financial Accounting Workshop in Exeter

Viktoria Aust hat am XII Workshop zu Empirical Research in Financial Accounting in Exeter (UK) vom 7.-9. Juni 2017 teilgenommen und ihr aktuelles Working Paper präsentiert.

Ausführliche Informationen zum Workshop finden Sie auf der Homepage der Universität Exeter  

Ausgestattet wurde der XII Workshop zu Empirical Research in Financial Accounting von dem Accounting-Institut der Universität von Exeter. Stattgefunden hat der Workshop in Exeter an der Universität vom 7. bis zum 9. Juni 2017.

Die Universität Exeter schreibt dazu selbst: "The Workshop on Empirical Research has traditionally been the reference event in Spain to discuss high quality papers in all topics related to empirical financial accounting research. Over the years, the event has become a regular in the agendas of European researchers in accounting, and, following this internationalization trend, this is the first edition in which the Workshop is taking place outside Spain, in line with the international growth of our community.

All papers are anonymously peer reviewed prior to acceptance for the workshop. A discussant will be assigned to each paper presented in the conference to stimulate the debate. As in previous editions, the conference will feature an Editors’ Panel and plenary sessions.  We are glad to announce that Stephen Penman   (Columbia University) and Maria Correia   (LSE) will be our plenary guest speakers."

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