Research Interests of Herwig SCHOTTENBERGER

Organometallic / coordination chemistry, ionic liquids


  • Ionic liquids (ILs)
  • Heteronuclear sandwich complexes
  • Hard material precursors
  • Metal organic frameworks (MOFs)


Ionic Liquids (ILs): (

* Already published achievements are the first (safe) room temperature ILs containing azide, and chlorate (energetic ILs, reactive oxygen and nitrogen sources), the first room temperature liquid cyanoborate (pure liquid reductant), the first room temperature liquid dichlorogermanate(II) (superior precursor for the electro­plating of Ge, ), the first organometallic IL (source of catalytically active cobalt clusters).

* We have also introduced (patent-free), electron rich ILs providing a very versatile follow up-chemistry, e.g., straight forward access to NHC-carbene precatalysts, energetic salts and nitrenium sources.

Heteronuclear sandwich complexes:

* Novel model compounds bearing conjugativeley bridged, preferentially heteronuclear oligo- and bimetallocenes of late transition metals addressing intervalence transfer, solvatochromism and electrochemically relevant interactions.

* 57Fe-isotopically labelled Ferrocenes, investigated by Moessbauer spectroscopy to uncover lattice dynamics and low temperature phase transitions as well as polymorphism of complexes with sterically demanding substituents (ongoing cooperation with Prof. Rolfe H. Herber, University of Jerusalem).

* In parallel projects, proceeding with group IV-elements, bent metallocene catalysts for stereoselective olefin polymerisations have been developed for industrial cooperation partners.

* As a supplementary field of research, novel weakly coordinating anions (WCAs), compatible with cationic 14-electron-zirconocenium cation based propylene polymerisation catalysts have been disclosed.

Hard Material Precursors:

* Phlegmatized boranato-, azido- and imido bridged titanium complexes as CVD- and AACVD- (aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition) precursors for Ti-carbonidride and diboride coatings .

Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs):

* The latest actual project is focusing on the development of rigid rod bidentate acac ligands, relevant for the construction of novel three dimensional metal organic frameworks (MOFs).

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