Research Interests of Benno BILDSTEIN

Organometallic / coordination chemistry, catalysis


  • Functionalized metallocenes and other sandwich complexes of early to late transition metals
  • N-Heterocyclic carbene coordination chemistry
  • Ligand design and catalyst development for olefin polymerization
  • Redox-responsive organometallic compounds
  • Ferrocenyl cumulenes
  • Low-valent tellurium chemistry


Our research in organometallic and coordination chemistry aims at the synthesis and characterization of new compounds with either novel structures and bonding modes, or with applications in catalysis, molecular electronics, and materials science. Conceptually, our work covers themes of pure "basic" chemical interest and of "applied" research. Methodically, standard organic and organometallic techniques for the synthetic work (Schlenk techniques, vacuum line manipulations, inert atmosphere techniques, low temperature reactions, chromatography, etc) and standard spectroscopic characterization methods (multinuclear NMR, single crystal X-ray, MS, IR, Raman, UV-vis, DSC, etc) are utilized. Where applicable, other methods (CV, coulometry, spectroelectrochemistry, EPR, NLO measurements, synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction, HPLC, NIR, Mössbauer, PE spectroscopy, etc) are available in collaboration with external partners or institutions.

Bildstein Research

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