Server room

Room: L.01.124 (Tel. +43 (512) 507-57124)



The supercomputer LEO3 is an IBM System x iDataplex solution which consists of 162 computer nodes. Each node has 2 Intel six-core Xeon X5650 CPUs (with a total of 1944 cores) running at 2.7GHz and 24 GB of main memory (2 GB per core), connected via an Infiniband 4x QDR.

The GPU cluster QUAKE contains 22 computer nodes. Each node has 2 Intel quad-core CPUs, 32 GB main memory and 2 GTX Graphic Cards (16 GTX 680 and 28 GTX 780 in total). 4x FDR Infiniband switch is used to connect these nodes.

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