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What is Inside Out?

The anniversary project Inside Out was created as part of a course on the topic "Spaces of Science". The teaching team Celia Di Pauli, Eric Sidoroff and Lisa Noggler asked the students the question: How do "spaces of science" define themselves?

From the many creative ideas of the students, the rectorate chose the idea of showing research projects taking place at the University of Innsbruck in the form of micro-exhibitions. Lisa Noggler accepted this challenge as an external lecturer and implemented these installations in the city and at various locations of the university over several semesters with students in courses. One challenge was to present the research projects in an understandable and exciting way. New for the students was the interdisciplinary work - students of architecture were responsible for the design and implementation and students of the Institute of History and European Ethnology for the content design. This interdisciplinary cooperation turned out to be very fruitful. As a professional exhibition organizer, Ms. Noggler passed her experience on to the students. Out of many students she formed 17 teams, who took up this challenge and set to work with a great deal of dedication and idealism.

Lisa Noggler emphasizes: "An exhibition is something that runs counter to the curriculum, because its implementation takes longer than a semester. All the more reason for me to be pleased that so many students have stayed with me far beyond the course".

The 17 selected research projects were independently conceived, planned and implemented by the student groups in consultation between the students and the respective researchers. In spite of all the requirements such as fire protection, withstanding a wind speed of 140 km/h, a very limited budget, the search for suitable locations for which approval could also be obtained, and much more, the students mastered this challenge with a great deal of commitment and creativity. The results are impressive.

Seat cubes, which are attached to some micro-exhibitions, invite visitors to linger. The seat cubes show an overview of all 17 locations in the city.


Contribution Inside Out

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