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23.10.2015 Upgrading the quantum computer
Simulation of Chiral Edge States in a Quantum System


18.09.2014 New Insights into the World of Quantum Materials
14.08.2014 Human Contribution to Glacier Mass Loss on the Increase
12.06.2014 Long-range tunneling of quantum particles
12.06.2014 Quantum Computation: Fragile yet Error-free
04.06.2014 Statistics: Odds-on Brazil to Win the 2014 FIFA World Cup
15.05.2014 Quantum Trimer – From a Distance
Quantum Chaos in Ultracold Gas Discovered


18.11.2013 Amber Provides New Insights Into the Evolution of the Earth's Atmosphere
05.08.2013 An infallible quantum measurement
20.05.2013 Competition in the Quantum World
16.05.2013 Glaciers Contribute One Third to Sea Level Rise
15.05.2013 Observation of Second Sound in a Quantum Gas
15.02.2013 Playing quantum tricks with measurements
07.02.2013 New EU-project to enhance seed quality led by the University of Innsbruck
04.02.2013 Into the quantum internet at the speed of light


14.11.2012 Melting Glaciers Raise Sea Level
13.11.2012 Powering lasers through heat
22.05.2012 Quantum Condensate of the Thirteenth Kind
20.03.2012 Inexhaustible Energy Carrier Hydrogen
06.02.2012 Land-cover Changes Do not Impact Glacier Loss


01.09.2011 Digital Quantum Simulator Realized
26.05.2011 The quantum computer is growing up
29.04.2011 Caves and their dripstones tell us about the uplift of mountains
01.04.2011 Calculations with 14 Quantum Bits
02.03.2011 Hands-on learning turns children’s minds on to science
23.02.2011 Nature: Two physics highlights
11.01.2011 International First: Gas-phase Carbonic Acid Isolated


08.11.2010 Climate Change: Water Reservoir Glacier
27.09.2010 Quantum physics: Flavors of entanglement
28.07.2010 Pinning atoms into order
22.07.2010 Quantum Mechanics not in Jeopardy
24.06.2010 Don't Compare Bananas to Pears
17.05.2010 Mysterious ball lightning: Illusion or reality?
28.03.2010 From a classical laser to a “quantum laser“
11.02.2010 Cancer: “Primitive“ Gene Discovered - Researchers prove cancer gene in ancestral metazoan