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CSI Symposium 2007-II on Basel II - An international institution at work

April 25, 2007


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CSI Symposium 2007-I on Ethical and Ideological Backgrounds for International Institutions

April 18, 2007


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Activities of the CSI


Annual Conference on International Institutions

The conference is held annually in November and lasts three days. Invited speakers and scientists submit papers and present the latest results of their research work. The selected papers are published as a book in a series called "Innsbruck Publications on International Institutions and Global Governance".

Within the framework of the Innsbruck Conference on International Institutions the Boehm-Bawerk-Lectures, which are financed by the Tiroler Sparkasse Bank, are held each year. Renown scientists are invited to give a lecture. These contributions are published in a special publication series – the "Innsbruck Lectures on International Institutions".

The conference is also part of a course for graduate students called "International Institutions" which is offered each semester jointly by the CSI and the Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck (course information).


Innsbruck Symposium on International Institutions 

The Innsbruck Symposium on International Institutions was held in June 2002 and June 2003. It dealt with current economic issues. Several invited experts worked for a day with students and other interested persons on a topic and presented the latest developments in their research work.

Symposium 2002 - Papers and Presentations:
  • John-ren Chen: Basel Accord and Macroeconomic Activity
  • Michael Munsch: Effects of Basel II on the SME financing
  • Walter Schwaiger: Quantitative Impact Study of Basel II on SMEs
  • Matthias Bank: Alternative Financing Models as a Substitute for Bank Loans: Possibilities and Problems
Symposium 2003 - Papers and Presentations:
  • John-ren Chen: The Role of International Institutions for Economic Development and Poverty Reduction of Developing and Less Developed Countries
  • Alois Wenig: Privatization, Property Rights, and Poverty: the Russian Experience
  • Warotai Kosolpisitkul: Prospects and Actions for Development, Poverty Reduction, and the Millenium Development Goals


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