University of Innsbruck

The University of Innsbruck was founded in 1669 and is one of Austria’s oldest universities. Today, with over 27.500 students and 4.500 staff, it is western Austria’s largest institution of higher education and research. More details »»


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New Paths into the World of Quasiparticles

IQOQIQuasiparticles can be used to explain physical phenomena in solid bodies even though they are not actual physical particles. Physicists in Innsbruck have n... »»

Innovation: Magnetic Field Conductors

Illustration: Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaA group of physicists has developed a new technology to transfer magnetic fields to arbitrary long distances, which is comparable to transmitting and routi... »»

Long-range tunneling of quantum particles

Illustration: Uni InnsbruckThe quantum tunnel effect manifests itself in a multitude of well-known phenomena. Experimental physicists in Innsbruck, Austria, have now directly observe... »»

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